Toddler Trapped For Hours In Narrow Well Is Finally Rescued

When a 2-year-old lad was playing near his home in East China, he slipped and tumbled into a dangerously narrow well. 

When the child fell into the well in Jining City, East China, his quick-thinking grandfather who was nearby, grabbed a long bamboo pole to help him. The man attached a hook to the end of the pole and reached into the well in order to hook it on to the boy’s clothing.

Thankfully, his grandfather was able to keep him from slipping further down, but he was unable to pull him back to the surface and had to wait for the fire department to arrive for additional help.

AsiaWire captured the dramatic rescue on camera, and covered the story, where the firemen dug around the well, destroying the concrete outer wall little by little as they reached further into the ground to try and grab the child.

Rescue personnel worked as quickly as possible in the large pit as the grandfather held the pole, and the child clung to it for dear life.

Eventually, the child was pulled out of the narrow well and luckily suffered no serious injuries from the fall. He was however treated for abrasions suffered during the fall and was given oxygen by the medical crew on hand.

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