They Found This Dog Buried Alive. But Her Transformation Will Fill You With Joy

Here is a true warrior. Her name is Lilly.

Homeless and partially paralyzed, Lilly roamed the streets of Capetown in search of food. As if things weren’t bad enought, one day things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

This kind of human behavior is extremely unsettling, yet it is important to acknowledge in order to realize there are animals out there like Lilly who are vulnerable.

Lilly became a distraction outside of a local school as she was barking continuously. The principal, Manono Makhaphela, came up with a solution to have his two janitors go and stop the dog from barking, by burying her alive.

Kitchen staff caught wind of what was going on and watched in disbelief and horror, at what was happening to this dog who was now crying out for help. They quickly called the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Mdzananda Animal Clinic for help in stopping this horror.

She had been buried in a five foot pit for twenty minutes and there was barely a moments window available to save her.

They managed to barely rescue her in time! They gave her the name of Warrior right there on the spot for enduring such of horrific ordeal. Later she became Lilly.

Lilly underwent treatment for her existing paralysis, the result of a fractured spine earlier in life. The hope was to help with her mobility issues while treating her incontinence.

Lilly gained some much needed weight and added some muscle to her frame. She received well wishes from all around the world as patches from the IFAW were sent out encouraging people to write their messages of support on them

They hoped to make all the patches into one giant blanket for Lilly. With 3,000 patches returned, it’s safe to say she indeed will have a huge blanket of comfort and encouragement.

Eventually Lilly found her forever home! Mdzananda Animal Clinic board member and freelance journalist, Helen Walne, is the lucky owner of this beautiful and courageous dog.

While Lilly’s story brought an enormous amount of awareness to the plight of homeless animals in South Africa, justice for Lilly has been slow. The sickening principal responsible for doling out the death squad on Lilly, has yet to comply with his punishment, even though it’s been 4 years now since the incident occurred.

The two henchman were convicted of animal cruelty, but the principal never implemented the animal protectin awareness program at his school as he was ordered to do.

But, some good news. He has been reported by the clinic, and as a result he has been arrested and jailed. July 18, 2015, is the deadline he now has for implementing the program.

Lilly continues to inspire and bring awareness to the needs of homeless animals everywhere. It is said that even one of the janitors turned his life around due to massive guilt over his actions and now makes it a point to volunteer at the clinic.

Lilly now lives the kind of life a dog should. She is obedient and playful, showing that all she really needed was simple love and care.

Lilly is also much more active today, able to walk, run and play like any other dog. It’s truly amazing and a solid testament to a dog’s spirit. She started out with a disability, living in harsh conditions, and then suffering through the unthinkable act of being buried alive. She came out of it all, now healthy and truly happy.

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