Many people believe that there isn’t such thing as a coincidence and that everything happens for a reason. That also goes for our given names and their first letter.

We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.”

Read yours and let us know if you think this study nailed it or not so much?

A: These people love actions and they never stop until they get it right. They are adventurous and passionate then they might appear and have a lot of energy.

B: If your name starts with the letter B then you’re a lover of all things beautiful. Especially you love gifts and good treats. Also, you love to give and share as well. These people are very affectionate and appreciative. Moreover, they have a strong sentimental side and they don’t like the separation with the loved ones.

C: They are curious and creative with a lot of love for learning new things and overcome challenges. What makes them special is their rare gift of self-control.

D: They like to take the slow and safe path in life. These people don’t want to take big risks and usually prefer a stable job.

E: They are very loquacious and love hanging out with people. They can debate from any point of view and that is their gift.

F: The friends type of people who always have a big smile on their face. For these people, life is much better when they’re surrounded by other people and they never like to be alone.

G: The hard-working type of people who believe that life is a big hustle. They would never go out to have fun before all they’re work is done. They usually are successful people who crave for more achievements.

H: These people are very lucky and they always shot for high goals.

I: People who know how to enjoy life. These type of people like the feeling of pampering themselves after work and relax. They also want to feel loved and appreciated.

J: They are full with tons of physical energy. Furthermore, they have a strong feeling for fair-play and justice.

K: These people have very strong willpower and love their privacy. They aren’t easily stressed and that’s why they can often be found in a management position.

L: The romantic type of people. They love hanging out with inelegant people and for them very conversation matter. So, if you don’t have something smart to say they will feel that you’re losing their time.

M: They are very good at multi-tasking but most importantly they love helping other and bring them to the right path. They are very caring and special.

N: These people are not what they appear to be at all. They might seem that they’re unassuming and shy, but soon as you discover them they are very rebellious. Also, they have an analytical mind and can easily plan every coming situation.

O: Family is everything for them. You’ve loved ones know all of your secrets and you know theirs as well. They would go through hell to help their family in need.

P: harmony is everything to them. They know how to balance everything every time.

Q: Their energy simply attracts all people you like to hang out with different people and you never chose a person how they look from outside, but rather what is in their heart.

R: They are great meditators and can reason with the toughest characters. They know how to use logic and how to apply it to people.

S: business before pleasure type of people. Your commitment is everything if you said something that you’ll do you’ll never quite.

T: Very skeptical type of people. To believe something they always need to see it first. They have an investigative mind.

U: Everything has to be the ultimate for you…you have a generous heart and give all for your family and friends. Making sacrifices for those you love makes you happy.

V: You’re a vivacious individual with varied tastes. You’re unconventional, and you need freedom and space. You’re attracted to eccentric types and respond to danger, thrills, and suspense. You also enjoy volunteering since you’re community-minded.

W: Very willful which is the reason why they are often successful. For example, if you want to host a memorable party, you’ll stay up late researching recipes to wow your guests.

X: If you’re one of these people then your goal in life is probably traveling, seeing new places and trying new thing all the time. You get bored easily and you are very impulsive.

Y: These people usually like to be in charge and bring all the decisions. They are very good leaders and know how to handle difficult situations.

Z: These are the people who are always at the right place and the right time. That is why they are also called opportunity catchers.


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