Officer Is Told To Euthanize Rescued Baby Elk, But Saves Him With Help From Local Vet Instead

An injured baby elk found alone in Estes Park, Colorado has a new chance at life, thanks to the intervention of kind-hearted police and a local veterinarian.

According to a video shared by CBS4 on June 13, 2017, the calf was found with a swollen leg by an Estes Park police officer. When the officer contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife asking what to do, he was told to euthanize the injured elk. The elk, a 2-week-old male, had seemingly been abandoned by its herd.

But the unnamed officer did not want to put down the elk. Instead, the officer brought him to Dr. Marie Cenac, a vet at the Animal Hospital of the Rockies.

Dr. Cenac doesn’t typically look after wild animals, but she had a soft spot for this particular calf.

“This baby is part of our community,” Dr. Cenac said of the little elk, who was part of the Estes Park herd often seen in the area.

The policy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, according to Cenac, is that any animal that can’t be rehabbed and brought back to the wild should be euthanized. But Dr. Cenac chose to treat the elk by putting its broken leg in a split and feeding it a formula of necessary nutrients.

Unfortunately, the elk will not be able to rejoin his herd. But he is alive and now being nursed to health and cared at another facility.

Check out the video below to find out more about the injured baby elk’s fate.

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