Firemen Hear Muffled Sounds Deep Underground, Keep Digging As The Crying Gets Louder

One day, Cookie the terrier took off after a speedy creature, as her breed is often inclined to do. She decided to dive deep down a hole in the ground in hot pursuit of her prey, oblivious to the fact that the tunnel she was going down was on the verge of collapsing. She instantly became trapped, prompting her owner to immediately call emergency workers to help set her free.

The dedicated crew of fire and rescue professionals used simple shovels, their bare hands, and high-tech infrared satellite imaging tools to pinpoint her location and dig their way down to her. At one point, the owner is seen creeping up to the hole as the sounds of the pup’s whining grows louder. She calls out to Cookie, reassuring the frightened dog that she is going to be okay. She even tries digging through the dirt herself in hopes of reaching her baby.

Finally, after intense efforts, one rescue worker moves enough dirt out of the way for the terrified terrier to shoot out of the hole. The dog is clearly grateful to be handed over to her human mom, despite being covered in dirt and terribly thirsty. All of the rescue workers then take turns petting the pup who is now safely in her owner’s arms. Watch and see how hard the men worked to free the grateful dog and how happy she is to be reunited with her owner.

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