Dog dies after being buried ALIVE, reward raised to $15,000 for information on culprit

A chow-chow mix dog was found buried alive up to her nose in tightly packed ground near Atlanta on June 6. However, the day after her rescue, the traumatized canine succumbed to injuries.

Even one month after the incident, the case remained unsolved, so on July 5, PETA took another step and announced to double the amount to make it a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever perpetrated this terrible crime.

“The case of Lulu—the dog who was discovered on the evening of Tuesday, June 6, buried alive up to her nose in Tucker—remains unsolved, so PETA is now doubling our reward and offering up to $10,000,” PETA announced on its website. Also, the Humane Society came forward to contribute another $5,000, raising the reward to $15,000.

Eric Purdue, a DeKalb County resident, rescued the brown chow-chow mix, which he found buried alive. He found the dog on an ATV trail (an off-road quad bike trail), in Tucker, Georgia, U.S., where she was believed to have been abandoned. Officials estimated that she was abandoned there for three days.

Purdue said that he was cutting some shrubs along the trail when he heard “noise” coming from some 25 yards away. After he followed the cries, he was led to the “source” and almost stumbled upon the dog’s face—the dog was tightly packed and only her eyes and nose were above the hole.

Coming across this terrible sight, Purdue, along with his son and nephew, started digging the poor canine out of the tightly packed dirt. The whole process took over 30 minutes. Purdue said it was the rain and cloudy weather that kept her alive.

“It’s OK, baby. We’re going to get you out. We’ll get you out baby,” he said, while digging the dog out, in a video.

Then he took the dog to his house, where he and his family kept a close watch on her, petting her and comforting her all along; they also named her Lulu.

Later, Lulu was admitted to a local animal hospital, but no matter how hard the vets tried to save her, it was too much for the canine, and she sadly died.

PETA officials say they’re hoping someone will come forward with information. “Someone must know where this dog came from and who buried her alive, leaving her to suffer in terror for days,” the organization said in a blog post. “PETA is urging anyone with information about this dog or her tormentor to come forward immediately, before anyone else gets hurt.”

This is simply inhumane, and one of the most shameless acts of animal abuse. Let’s hope the awareness raised by the animal rights groups sends a strong message that subjecting animals to cruelty is absolutely not acceptable.

See the video below: