‘Dead’ Dog On Side Of Road Lifts Her Head To Tell Woman She’s Alive

Judy Obregon had been driving near Echo Lake in Fort Worth, Texas, recently when she saw a dog lying on the side of the road. The place where she stopped was notorious for abandoning unwanted dogs. Although Judy thought that the dog was already dead, she still turned her car into a U-turn. Looking over, she was surprised to find the dog looking up at her!

Judy was the founder of an animal rescue organization called The Abandoned Ones.

In a span of 6 years, Judy had found over 200 abandoned dogs in the same area.

Judy decided to name this dog and called her Mercy.

When Judy first found Mercy, Mercy was unable to walk so she had to be moved to the car.

During the drive to the nearby clinic, Mercy whined in pain throughout the journey.

X-ray scans indicate that Mercy had a few broken bones but no evidence that she was run over by a car.

Mercy was believed to have suffered abuse, there was even a scar which could be a mark from a rope. Mercy is currently fostered by a staff member at the animal hospital and will be ready for adoption in a few months.