A new battle of nature video clip from the Land Down Under has gone viral. In the video, a flying fox bat can be seen already in the coils of a python, which is trying to squeeze the mammal to death. The flying fox is a member of the fruit bat family and are the largest bat in the world.

While you might think that the bat doesn’t stand a chance against the snake, after a hard struggle, the flying fox manages to use it powerful wings to pull itself free. However, the battle with the snake has left the bat exhausted and it cannot fly. The bat crawls away across the sand to get away from the python, which then slithers away when it fails to locate its prey.

The caption of the video included some interesting information:

“Flying-foxes prefer blossom, flowers. nectar, fruit and occasionally leaves of native plants, particularly eucalypts, tea-trees, grevilleas, figs and lilly pillys. Sometimes flying-foxes are referred to fruit bats, they mainly eat pollen. They will also take the fruit of cultivated trees, particularly during periods of shortage of their preferred food. The flying-fox uses its strong teeth to crush the pollen and eat them. Flying-foxes play a major role in the regeneration of native hardwood forests and rainforests by pollinating as they feed and dispersing seeds as they move throughout the forest.”

The wingspan of flying foxes has been known to be greater than a yard.

The flying fox gets away from the snake in the video, but the bat is injured and it isn’t clear if it survived or not.