A Pedophile Sentenced To Death Asks For Child As His Last Meal

There is a story circulating around the internet about a Texas death row inmate who supposedly asked for a small child to be served as his last meal.
According to the tale, the horrible-looking man, who is dubbed Doug Stephener is a “cannibal pedophile sentenced to death in Texas asked this weekend as his last meal … a little boy.”

The different versions of the tale also suggest that the State of Texas doesn’t know what to do because the
“Department of Corrections is supposed to have to accept all the demands of any kind.

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So it may be that they are buying a corpse in a morgue to satisfy the desires of Doug Stephener.”
He does not appear on the list of Texas’ extensive list of executed criminals. He is also not on the list of people currently on death row in the state or on the list of scheduled executions.
Since 2011, condemned inmates are fed the same prison food as everyone else for their last meal, all because
one inmate decided to stick to the man and ordered a lavish final meal that he did not bother to eat.

In other words, even if this sicko cannibal pedophile did exist, his last meal would be whatever crappy prison
fare was served for dinner that day, and the State of Texas would not be the least bit concerned about whether the inmate would have rather had small child instead of the day’s mystery meat or not.